Over the last two and half years, Luke has been a vital KICKTV team member and an absolute pleasure to work with across many creative projects. What sets Luke apart from most his age is his entrepreneurial mindset paired with a creative ability that rises to the top.

A while back we reached out to Luke asking if he would be interested in him submitting art work for our social channels and in return we provide him with personal exposure. Right away, it was made apparent that we needed to make Luke part of the KICKTV creative team. Through his time at KICKTV, Luke has created, spearheaded, and delivered some of the best artwork and designs that have helped define KICKTV voice and tone across our social channel.

Luke’s ability to manage multiple weekly projects speaks to his efficient work ethic as well as, constantly communicating with team members on creative priorities.
— Will McDonough, Marketing Director, KICKTV
From collaborating during the design process to delivery of the final product, Luke’s work for Sporting Kansas City was of the highest quality. He showed a strong understanding of our needs as a client and exceeded expectations with the timeliness and execution of the commissioned project.
— Kurt Austin, Digital/Communications Manager, Sporting Kansas City FC
Luke is a talented young designer and one of the first people I contacted when I was looking for artists to collaborate with on a recent project. Throughout the collaboration, Luke was enthusiastic, professional and prompt. I was very happy with the final product and it received a warm reception from our fans. I would not hesitate to work with Luke again in the future.
— Chris Thomas, Digital Media Manager, LA Galaxy
With a never-ending willingness to explore new paths and see things with a different lens, Luke was an extremely valuable member of the team during my time at KICKTV. I knew that I could trust Luke to execute any project with professionalism, creativity and efficiency. His constant quality and quantity of work speaks for itself, but it was refreshing to work with a designer who always wanted to push past his own personal limits. Whether it was work for EA Sports, MLS, A Football Report or KICKTV, Luke always delivered with his own imaginative style. I would highly recommend him for any project.
— Eric Beard, Founder & Editor, A Football Report
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Luke on an almost weekly basis over the better part of a year. Without fail, he delivered projects on time and beyond expectations. His attention to detail, creative interpretations, and relentless creativity allow him to continue to deliver unique, head turning, pieces time and time again. Luke has earned his spot as a go-to designer for KICKTV’s artistic collaborations and I look forward to seeing what he produces next.
— Chris Macchi, (former Media Coordinator at Major League Soccer & KICKTV)
Luke is a designer at the top of his game - so receiving such a brilliant project wasn’t a surprise. But the attention to detail, the regular communication and willingness to try different ideas was fantastic. There was never a time when projects went over-time or took too long, which, of course, is very important. I would recommend Luke as a designer to anyone and his work at KICKTV and Das spiel ist aus, among others, is a fair enough sign of his quality.
— Ross Dunbar, Editor, Das Spiel ist aus
Luke was a pleasure to work with. The quality of the designs, the depth of his insight and the speed with which he delivered the work were amazing. He is very collaborative and open to input which made the development process even more seamless.
— Martin Ramos, Brand Strategist, NMBR10